“What’s up with THAT, anyway?”

Such were the telling words of Morton in regards to our alma mater, Ohio University, winning the MAC tournament and proceeding to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Those words pretty much say it all. To be sure, Ohio University doesn’t have what anyone would consider a powerhouse sports program, but once in a while they do something out of the blue that makes no particular sense. Here we have such an occasion.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh; after all, a 21-10 record isn’t too shabby. I don’t follow college hoops much, but I’ve been dabbling a bit since learning the Bobcats are going to the The Dance. According to one ESPN talking head, they have two of the best freshman in the nation. If that’s true, perhaps it bodes well for our team’s future. For now, I’ll take what I can get, which is Game 1 against Florida on Friday, March 18th, at 11:35 AM CST. One thing about being the underdog: we’ve got nothing to lose.

Go Bobcats!


  1. hi jeff,

    you don’t remember me, but in elementary school (Center Street Village) i came over to your house a few times a year to have slumber parties with your sister.

    This is not about you – in case you’re getting scared of a stalker.

    I’d really like to get in touch with her. No particular reason – I just think about her sometimes and after a few quick google searches, i found out that she’s married to some guy and living in Texas (of all places) and she’s some kind of mechanical engineer. Now I’m a bit embarassed to have compiled all this information about someone I haven’t talked to in 8 years (not to mention the inner musings of her brother)- so I’d like you to put me in touch with her. If she wants to talk.

    But as a side note, Jeff, why not use blogger? It’s a free service and the user interface is really nice.

    In conclusion – way to blog. Please give jenn my email.

    Pam S.


  2. Sure, Pam, I remember you from a while back. I forwarded to Jenn the email generated by your comment on this site.

    As for why I don’t use blogger.com or another comparable blogging service: in short, I guess I like to have complete control over my site and the server on which it resides as well as control over its domain. Google did a great job on blogger.com (as they seem to do on most endeavors), but there is some amazingly powerful and flexible open-source blogging software out there. If I were starting over again, I would probably use either WordPress or Geeklog. For my purposes (i.e. plain and simple) this MoveableType installation has served me well, though their licensing scheme will probably eventually lead me to switch to a different package eventually.

    Nice to hear from a fellow Center Streeter.


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